Panic Button Book: Relieve Stress and Anxiety Whenever

Panic Button Book: Relieve Stress and Anxiety Whenever

From a racing heart and dry mouth to shallow breathing and difficulty concentrating, anxiety can take many forms, but none of them are pleasant.

The Panic Button Book is an anxiety first-aid kit, featuring simple exercises that can help alleviate common symptoms of panic, whenever and wherever they strike. Feel your heart racing?

Turn to page 13 for four simple steps that can calm you down quickly.
Struggling to concentrate? Turn to page 33 for an easy way to tune in and focus.

The tried-and-tested techniques in this book will help you go from worry to relief, no matter what life throws your way. 

Tammi Kirkness is a life coach, wellness consultant and international speaker, who combines evidence-based psychology with eastern training. She specializes in helping people with high-functioning anxiety – which she experiences herself. She initially wrote this book to coach herself through her own times of panic and now she’s keen to share it with others who might need it too. Tammi lives in Australia.
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