About us

The Method to our Madness

Before you judge and think we are nothing but fowl mouthed, inappropriate, vulgar or rude you kind of need to know what I design the products I do and carry the lines that pair well with them....


Tiramisu Paperie was developed for those raw moments and to lift those who are just having a crappy day or just need to know that they are seen. In Italian, Tiramisu means “little pick me up” which is exactly what our brand is about. Whether it be a card, a pillow or even a pencil, someone will smile they receive one of our products and then tell you, that is exactly what they needed. 

Founded in the Spring of 2014, Tiramisu Paperie is a destination for those wanting a curated mix of paper goods that reflect their personal sense of humor to say what needs to be said.







In 2012, I lost the two women who raised me–my mother and my grandmother– it took a huge blow to my heart. Cards poured in telling me how sorry people were and that “God didn’t give me what I couldn’t handle”. I was over it! I wanted someone to tell me “to hell with cancer”, “you should be pissed”, “punch someone” or even “yell at the mailman for no reason”. I missed my mom's voice, I needed a lift in my spirits and well I didn’t see any cards that did that, I just cried even more.

Because of this loss, I  became humbled and realize time is precious and those you care about need honest, raw cards. Your friends and family love you because you are that way-direct, bold, funny, awkward and honest- so why not give them a card like that to lift their spirits? Make sense right.  


Since starting this company I have decided to include my son on this journey by giving him a future for when I am gone. At three years old he was diagnosed as PDD-NOS, which means he is autism spectrum then at nine years old he was classified also as bipolar. Once this information was delivered to me I knew I had to think of his future more than from a normal point of view; who would be there for him as an adult, help him daily with simple things like his medicine and even tying his shoe.

Tiramisu Paperie will allow him to gain a sense of purpose and financial freedom as an adult. There are not many options past high school for children like him and planning for this now will make things easier. He is helping me sort, pack and ship out orders as well as inspiring me for new ideas. 

As a parent of a special needs child you have to have a sense of humor or you will get yourself in a dark place due to guilt or feeling you are alone. Tiramisu Paperie allows me to laugh and not worry about the small stuff anymore because in the end, it’s all trivial and we need to live our life more. Tell friends that you love them, or give your sister a card reminding her she is “you’re favorite pain in the ass”. Because in the end you don’t know what curve ball you are thrown and you are going to need a good ol’ fashioned pick me up.