Acrylic Template For Place Cards & Envelopes 3x5"

Acrylic Template For Place Cards & Envelopes 3x5"

3x5" Acrylic Template that makes addressing envelopes just a bit easier!

Complete your snail mail and calligraphy commissions just a bit easier with this tool that takes the ruler and measuring out of the equation... it creates lines instantly for calligraphy and lettering for envelopes, place cards, calendars, bullet journalling and more.

This unique plaque shape is meant to be decorative as well adding a pretty border to the front of any envelope, and there is a 3" measuring guide on the top. Works best with a mechanical pencil.

This is an exclusive product developed by Doris for Love Lettering because of her love of writing letters and her work for lettering/addressing envelopes.

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