Latte Square Short Press On Nails

Latte Square Short Press On Nails

✩ Shape: Square ✩ Size: Short

See below for what's included, how to apply, and how to remove and reuse.

All Hotline Press On Sets have adhesive already attached to each nail.

✩ Wash hands and dry completely

✩ Select the nails that fit your fingers, and set aside in order

✩ Use provided prep pad to clean nails

✩ Peel back the protective plastic from the press on nail that fits your fingernail and press firmly to apply

✩ Cut, shape, and file as you see fit to achieve your desired look

Each Box includes:

✩ 24 self-adhesive nails in up to 11 different sizes to fit all types and sizes of fingernails
✩ 1 prep pad
✩ Wooden stick
✩ Nail file

To Remove:

✩ Use the provided wooden stick to loosen the edges of the nail
✩ Applying slight pressure will help nail release from your fingernail

To Reuse:

✩ Remove all adhesive previously used (comes off easily with only your fingers, but you can use the wooden stick if needed)

✩ Use one of Hotline Nails Adhesive Sheets to replace the adhesive on the back of the nail for reapplying

✩ If you choose not to use our ready adhesive, you can also use any nail glue to apply traditionally

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