Kaweco Ink Cartridges 6
Kaweco Ink Cartridges 6
Kaweco Ink Cartridges 6

Kaweco Ink Cartridges 6

It all began in 1883 in a small shop near Heidelberg University. One could already purchase the Kaweco iron gallus ink at this early stage. Over the years, the ink and the writing instruments have evolved further, with quality remaining the top priority. 

It is available in international standard cartridge size in a pack of 6 cartridges of 1 ml or as eco-friendly 50 ml ink bottles. The inks are compatible with any fountain pen. 

The inks radiate with a colour intensity that breathes life into your words and drawings. The smooth flow of the inks makes writing even more enjoyable. All Kaweco inks are cruelty-free and vegan.

The Kaweco ink cartridges are available in international standard sizes and are therefore available everywhere worldwide.

Simply unscrew the handle with the nib, remove the empty ink cartridge, attach a new ink cartridge and you can continue writing.

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