Heart Paper Clips

Heart Paper Clips

Introducing the "Rose Heart" Paper Clips: the sassiest fusion of elegance and playfulness for stationery aficionados! These 10 clips, sporting a cheeky rose gold finish, are cleverly shaped like adorable mini envelopes, injecting a much-needed dose of whimsy into your boring paperwork. Not only do they hold your mundane papers together, but they also elevate your desk decor from drab to fab.

Whether you're organizing your oh-so-important notes or sprucing up your bulletin board, these clips are an absolute must-have. And hey, if you're looking to impress your fellow stationery snobs, these clips make for the snazziest gift around. So ditch the mundane and embrace the enchanting allure of rose gold, 'cause with these paper clips, you're about to step into a world where sass meets sophistication. Let these little envelope-shaped wonders spice up your life in the most unexpected, yet fabulous, way!

• Pack of 10 envelope shaped paper clips.

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