Calling All Snail Mail Fanatics!

Mark Your Calendars: May 4th, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Tiramisu Paperie, 2000 Cecil Ashburn Drive, Suite 108, Huntsville. 

Hey there, stationery lover! Got a stash of cards that are burning a hole in your drawer? Are your pens itching to dance across some fresh paper? Well, you're in luck!

Join us at Tiramisu Paperie for a morning of laughter, letters, and maybe a little bit of sass at our first Snail Mail Club meet-up! This ain't your grandma's tea party – it's a BYOB shindig for those who know that snail mail beats email any day of the week.

We're talking two hours of uninterrupted, pure stationery bliss. Bring your cards, letters, and that address book you've been neglecting (we won't judge). Connect with fellow snail mail aficionados, show off your sticker or stamp collection, and let's get those letters written and sent!

Don’t worry about supplies; we’ve got your back with a curated selection of writing tools and stationery essentials. Of course, feel free to bring your own gear – especially if it’s got that unique flair that screams ‘you.’

Special Offer for RSVPs ONLY: Snag 12 of our sassiest greeting cards for just $50! This deal is exclusively for our Snail Mail Club members who RSVP, because we believe in rewarding those who commit to the art of letter writing. Offer available that day only to those who attend. 

Space is extremely limited because, let’s face it, we’re all about that cozy, intimate vibe. So RSVP only if you're as serious about stationery as we are about making it!

Get ready to seal your letters with a kiss (or a smirk) at Tiramisu Paperie. See you there, you snail mail superstar!


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