When I started this business it was something I had to learn from the ground up. I surrounded myself with those I could learn from on a daily basis. This information was something that I found was extremely valuable to growing Tiramisu Paperie to what it is today.

With over 20 years in advertising, branding, teaching design and more I can help you grow your branding into something amazing.

One of the best ways to get started is by asking a zillion questions and I did just that early on with many business owners, friends and family that I admire. Learning from experienced business owners is the best way to get your business plan together and start heading in the right direction.

I will help you see your goal and motivate you on reaching your brands full potential not just with me but with your ideal client. I will mentor you on your journey and teach you some things along the way. You will do some self discovery to make your business the best extension of yourself. You ARE the brand ambassador for your business and it all has to do with an authentic and genuine voice, which is carried through to your logo, your collateral, and even your social media.

Together, we will create a vision of what you see for your business in addition to your target audience. From there, we will create a collection of pieces that are uniquely yours—no cookie cutters here people! So are you ready to start embarking on a journey together? Then let’s go.

Tiramisu Paperie offers consultations on developing your branding, e-commerce, figuring out the best way setting up your shop and all the nuts and bolts that come with that process, manufacturing your product, packaging your baby, wholesale/retail what is the best option and more. Prior to your consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire so that we can make the most of your time together and get all of your questions answered, no stone unturned my friend. Minimum of 2 hours. 

For pricing, additional information or to schedule a consultation, email me at with CONSULTING in the subject line.  I look forward to working with you!