Why are we so scared of a Blank Card?

Since I started my line, I have noticed that when customers or others learn our cards are blank inside they have a hesitation that their face can't hide. You see I did that for a reason and so  has many others in this industry. 

When you have a greeting card with an amazing front saying, the inside needs to have allllll the room to write a message that hits from your heart more than pre-printed text. Blank cards are an amazing canvas to inspire others with your words, your thoughts and your memories that you have together. 

If writing intimidates you, here are a few things that you can do inside the card to make it easier...

Fill the card with them, stick them on with double sided tape so they can use it on the water bottle. 

Draw inside the card, make a doodle of what makes the bond special between you and the receiver.

Got a favorite song? Write the lyrics out, emphasize the words that mean more.

Make a collage like a vision board and put the photos, the phrases you share in it, stickers come in handy here too.  

Just remember this, it is the thought and the effort that you took to pick the card, to address the card and to make it special. You are not being judged, you are being thoughtful!