Extremely Busy Woman&

Extremely Busy Woman's Guide to Self-Care, The (TP)

Do Less, Achieve More, and Live the Life You Want (A Self-Love Journal Gift for Women and Busy Moms). 304-page paperback. An interactive self-love activity workbook for women with quizzes, journal prompts, and tools to guide you on your self-care journey. You're probably doing a lot―taking care of your family, killing it at your job, volunteering, organizing, scheduling, delegating. At the end of all of that, do you have any time or energy left to take care of the most important person: you? If you are ready to step out of feelings of frenzy, guilt, stress, and overwhelm, this is the perfect book to guide you on that journey with simple steps you can take each day to improve your self-care. Self-care movement leader Suzanne Falter gets it. In fact, she lived the life that every woman today feels expected to lead, chasing career goals while balancing the commitment of raising a family. The road to soothing self-care is right in front of you―all you have to do is say yes!
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