F*ck, I Can&
F*ck, I Can&
F*ck, I Can&

F*ck, I Can't Sleep Journal

F*ck, I can't sleep: an insomniac's journal to put your worries to bed. When you wake up in the wee hours with your mind racing, don't lie there cursing your fate and keeping yourself awake, curse into a journal instead!

Conventional wisdom says to jot down your thoughts and this will probably bore you back to sleep. This sweary journal for insomniacs takes that a step further by offering some cheerfully profane prompts to help you let go of the sh*t that’s keeping you awake.

-Write until your mind calms the f*ck down
-Put your frustrations to bed with more than 120 pages of prompts
-Get the rest and relaxation you need and deserve

With F*ck, I Can't Sleep, you will set yourself up to rise and f*cking shine!
You're f*cking welcome.

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