All Things Wholesale

Let's do it! Let's partner together and create something wonderful!

Thank you for considering Tiramisu Paperie products for your store.  We would love to be your retail partner, so please contact us via email provided below. If you have specific questions about setting up an account, please email us directly at and we will connect you with our rep if you are one of their areas to visit you! 


To be considered as a wholesale retailer, please send the following to our email:
• Your store name, address and website
• Brief description of your store


Retailers must agree to our terms and policies below. We reserve the right to stop selling our products to stores who do not comply.


Order Minimums: Opening order $125. Re-order $75 minimum. Any order that is below the wholesale minimum will be charged a $5 service fee. 

We've partnered with Faire to offer online wholesale ordering and Net 60 terms! Go here to order:

For a limited time, you can also receive $100 credit and one year of free shipping to my line when you open your account on Faire!

Payment can be made via credit card and 100% of payment is required before the order is shipped. Net terms are offered upon approval if ordering with rep groups through Once your order is placed, standard USPS/UPS shipping rates will be added to the subtotal and a final invoice will be prepared. 

Terms: To have terms with our company, go to and set up your account. Once approved then we are good to go!

From there, you can choose to provide one of the following:
• Upload 3 months of business checking account statements
• Provide your online business bank credentials
• Consent to a personal credit check
Fundbox Pay utilizes the information above to provide a decision within 24 hours
(typically only a couple minutes with credit check and bank credentials and couple hours with bank statements). If approved, you will have a revolving line of credit to make your purchases to Tiramisu Paperie with the luxury of free Net-60 Terms. Extended terms available in most states as needed.

Process of Repayment:
Fundbox Pay will notify you via email 1-week prior to your free net terms expiring. At that point, all you need to do is log into your account and hit “repay now.” Funds will be drawn from your account on Wednesday. If no action is done, the automatic extended terms will begin. If needed, you can send Tiramisu Paperie a payment to accept. When we accept it, your free 60- day term starts.
Still Have Questions? A Fundbox Pay representative is always happy to help! Please call (855) 205-9720.



Returns are not accepted unless items are damaged and MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF GOODS. The customer is responsible for all return shipping fees.


Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. All orders will be shipped via USPS or UPS. If you have any special shipping requests regarding shipping terms or time or have a UPS/Fedex account please let us know as soon as possible.


All of our products MUST be displayed and sold in their original packaging. Boxed sets may not be broken up and sold individually. Sorry that's the rules!

If you would like to sell Tiramisu Paperie products via an online store, you must be granted permission to sell online and credit Tiramisu Paperie in the product description.